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How can GPUs help Solve Woes when Tableau Slows, keep Researchers from being Foes, or turn anyone into Work from Home Pros?

Nvidia’s annual GTC Conference has come and gone, and with it, some of the most amazing announcements ever packed into a single year. Nvidia and their technology partners have long since been just a gaming card company, and are now a key component in any future-ready datacenter in the Enterprise. In fact, Nvidia revenue has switched from gaming systems to datacenter products being the majority.

At the heart of all messaging were Nvidia’s latest technology release; the Ampere-based A100 GPU and DGX-A100 GPU server.

The DGX A100 is Nvidia’s one system for ALL AI Infrastructure. The 3rd Generation NVLink & NVSwitch interconnect between GPUs is 2x faster than previous generations at rates of 600GB/sec, and the new TF32 tensor cores are up to 20x faster than the previous generations Turing-based GPUs.

We at High Availability have seen the benefit of moderning datacenters with GPUs for the last decade, and have been honored to be one of a few partners in the country authorized as an Nvidia DGX Solution Provider. It’s always a great day when we see customers look beyond the legacy way of doing business, and step into products that will drive them towards the future. We hear lots of questions and concerns around GPUs / AI / ML and new technologies. We want to walk with you down the right path of proven software and technologies to make your business more productive, more proactive, and more profitable.

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My IoT Home Products – Raves & Reviews

I have an obnoxiously connected home, all built around a Gen1 SmartThings Hub.   I mix ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wifi and home-grown RPi or Arduino controlled devices.  Hopefully this post will show some of the available options out there, and some of my recommended products

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Now Available: Pumpkin Spice Machine Learning

Recently, High Availability was accepted as a Nvidia East Coast partner to sell and manage their Nvidia DGX-1 GPU platform, as well as reseller of PureStorage’s new ARIA (AI Ready Infrastructure) and the Cisco UCS 480 ML M5 GPU Server.  

When you think about PureStorage Orange, Winter time, and High Availability, what comes to mind?  Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Why not ‘Pumpkin Spice Machine Learning’?

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