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Warning, New Exploit: Dealing with SHELLSHOCK on Linux & SAN Vendor links

Quick Warning:

To those that run your own webservers, and Mac OSX users.. If you haven’t already heard, there is a critical exploit out called SHELLSHOCK now that uses exploits a flaw in “bash” the primary command line of unix type operating systems. (linux, *bsd, Mac OSX). A variable can be used to execute a command.

This exploit can also be triggered remotely by making a special request to most webservers that run on linux or *bsd.

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Tip #8: Set your damn host timeouts!

I saw a question on LinkedIn on the Netapp group today.

“what is the downtime (in seconds) for a FAS2240 high-availability machine in case one controller fails and the other takes over? ”

My pre-first cup of coffee answer was less on the question, and more on proper upkeep of a system running on a SAN/NAS. Any SAN/NAS. Set your damn timeouts on your hosts!

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Scripted NetApp LUN Creation + Oracle ASM addition

I am constantly in new customer environments, setting up NetApp, Oracle RAC & ASM, NetApp SnapDrive, SnapManager for Oracle, etc on Linux…

While I know what I am doing in regards to storage and Oracle, most customers do not have a single point man (or woman) who knows all of these technologies and is the administrator to do day to day operations of them all. Also, when I have tried to teach the teams to do this, or if the DBA is in charge of all of these steps in a small environment, they typically get very confused when thinking about the relationship of the /dev/sd* and the multipath /dev/mapper/360* entries.

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