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Upgrading my FAS3270 OnTap 8.2.1 to 8.3RC1 in my lab

Well, it’s time! This morning the first release candidate of OnTap 8.3 was released! Happy day!

I figured I would post about the upgrade process. A raw, uncut, look at how the hell you do it! Maybe you have never seen it. Maybe you just want to have something to copy and paste. Well, here it is!

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Storage Field Day #6: Livin La Pure’a Vida

Last year, I went to Costa Rica. The greeting they have for everyone was Pura Vida: “Good Life”. That has a new meaning for me now.

As you may know, recently, I was a delegate for Storage Field Day 6 #SFD6. I had the pleasure of heading to Pure Storage’s HQ. Read on to see what I found out!

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