Upgrading my FAS3270 OnTap 8.2.1 to 8.3RC1 in my lab

Well, it’s time!  This morning the first release candidate of OnTap 8.3 was released! Happy day!

I figured I would post about the upgrade process. A raw, uncut, look at how the hell you do it! Maybe you have never seen it. Maybe you just want to have something to copy and paste.  Well, here it is!

I did run into one hiccup with one of my aggregates and the mixed version state.  I overrode the vetos, and pretty much forced it to happen.

One note, 8.3 is VERY picky with networking. It has to have a management LIF in EVERY svm!  This is a new requirement!  It will test connectivity from each svm (to things like dns) to verify it will not lose connectivity to them.




This is what you would see from the console or service processor > console, during the takeover and giveback reboot

I hope you find this interesting. I will annotate the above with comments about why I run stuff in each step as I have time.

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