VMware NFS Datastore creation failure w/ OnTap 8.3 (aka NIS needs to die!)

You’ve created datastores in VMware a thousand times before.  This time is different. This time it failed to make it.  You had just upgraded or installed a fresh shiny new Netapp OnTap clustered mode 8.3 system!

It doesn’t matter if you did it manually, or did it with VSC (Netapp’s Virtual Storage Console).  It still failed to create.

Why is it failing?  You are about to pull your hair out!

The same error, over and over again.

Simply put, The problem isn’t you.  The problem is clinging to a horrid old protocol like NIS/NIS+.  You may not have wanted it or known there was a directory lookup service in play, but it is there.  The Netapp will default to setting an NIS domain and lookup server to your DNS server IP address, and a new connection will attempt to query it.

Run this, if you have anything displayed, and you know you aren’t using NIS, you are going to have connection issues with VMware NFS datastores.

What’s the fix?  Simply delete it out!

 vserver services name-service nis-domain delete -vserver YOUR_NFS_VSERVER

Once you do that, your datastore should mount as intended!

NIS needs to die, or at least be disabled by default, and should make you jump through some hoops in order to get entries there.  It most certainly should not be a default these days!


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