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New Year. Looking back, looking ahead.

A year in review, and a look ahead!

We have a gift of mind and body given to us every day we are alive, no matter what we face with either. Forcing myself to do which I never thought I could, is the best Christmas and New Year gift I could give myself. I do not want to stop challenging myself until it kills me!
What about 2014? Read more for my thoughts on where you should and shouldn’t be spending your time!

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Some cool Riverbed Upgrades and Additions

Gnomes on Redbull

When ever I hear of new products and features, I put the statement through the paces to see if it’s total BS, or something worthwhile. This morning, an email caught my eye. Riverbed made their announcement of upgrades and product line additions.

I love what Riverbed can do for their customers. I won’t lie. No product is perfect, but It’s just been too damn useful for think bad about anything of it. And when they bough CACE, and turned Wireshark into something even better, and that Riverbed Pilot is like Wireshark on crack with some redbull-fed gnomes for historical analytics… well I am even happier with the offerings.

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Riverbed Steelhead & Netapp Snapmirror – OMFG Happiness!

Riverbed Steelhead EX

Recently I did a deployment where a great and awesome longtime customer added a new site in Canada. I flew up to Canuckland to install new VMware servers, new Netapp 2240, and a Riverbed Steelhead. There was a partner Riverbed Steelhead here in PA at the customers office. This was a great deployment. Once I got everything worked out and configured, their WAN got a major injection of Honey BooBoos GoGoJuice.

How much faster? Optimization quickly jumped up to 97% WAN reduction and a 23.6X increase in throughput!!!!

743Mb/s LAN throughput, fitting into 55Mb/s WAN bandwidth!!

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Real dedupe/cost savings results from a Riverbed WhiteWater

I just wanted to share a cool bit of information about what one of our Riverbed Whitewater customers is getting as backup to disk and automatic redundancy to “the cloud”. This customer is using Backup Exec 2012, with the Whitewater appliance as a backup datastore.

This customer is storing 66.7 TB of stored data in 4TB of physical and cloud space and will be saving more than $7,000/month with cloud backups because of it!

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