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Thoughts on Education.

I was thinking about education today. The ‘modern’ education system in America. How much it misses the mark in bringing out something special in those whom are our futures. Thinking about how I want my children to learn. I reflected back upon my own experiences, in many different schools across the country.

Some random thoughts on the topic…

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My response to an article about 451 Research SAN/Cloud

Honestly, I have a strong dislike for researcher analyst firms. (Gartner / Magic Quadrant especially) Most are so far removed from what they claim to rate and research that they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

Metrics can be skewed any way you please, to favor income sources as you see fit.

This reply is not against Phil Wainewright or his comments on the 451 study, but the lack of vision and visibility the analyst firm put on Netapp’s positioning of their [poorly named] Data Fabric.

Pasting it here to save it.

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My @NetappInsightUS 2014 Tentative Schedule & Tips!

I’ll have an action packed week coming up in October at Netapp Insight @NetappInsightUS, followed up a trip to Sunnyvale for the Storage Field Day 6 #SFD6 where I will be a delegate.

Here is my tentative list of sessions and #NetappATeam events I’ll be attending! There’s still time to sign up if you are interested!

If you can’t find me at the sessions below, you can find me at the Sigma Derby machine in the MGM Casino!

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Wordmap of the Blog

Saw this on @f0zziehakz’s Blog and thought it was cool.

Word mapping my blogs and thoughts. Just bcuz.

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New Year. Looking back, looking ahead.

A year in review, and a look ahead!

We have a gift of mind and body given to us every day we are alive, no matter what we face with either. Forcing myself to do which I never thought I could, is the best Christmas and New Year gift I could give myself. I do not want to stop challenging myself until it kills me!
What about 2014? Read more for my thoughts on where you should and shouldn’t be spending your time!

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Filesystem Misalignment for dummies


Me: “How many SAN IO Calls would you need to make to get File 1 for the Misaligned storage?”
Customer: 5
Me: “What about aligned?”
Customer: 2
Me: “What about File 2?”
Customer: 7
Me: “What about aligned?”
Customer: 2
Me: “How many tiny files, and fragments do you have on your fileservers?”
Customer: “Millions…”
Me: “Wouldn’t you like to save 2-4x or more IO calls and cache?”
Customer: “We love you, have our babies!”

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Ghost in the machine… I found it!

Doing an intensive 3-day NetApp & VMware healthcheck for a customer, and I found the “Ghost in the Machine”.

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Physical datacenter {in}security?

I do LockSport (competitive lock picking) as a hobby. Here is an example of a lock which is deemed “Pick Resistant” in the hands of a novice such as myself.

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Real dedupe/cost savings results from a Riverbed WhiteWater

I just wanted to share a cool bit of information about what one of our Riverbed Whitewater customers is getting as backup to disk and automatic redundancy to “the cloud”. This customer is using Backup Exec 2012, with the Whitewater appliance as a backup datastore.

This customer is storing 66.7 TB of stored data in 4TB of physical and cloud space and will be saving more than $7,000/month with cloud backups because of it!

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Do not buy your FC HBAs from your server manufacturer!

A tale of debugging and tech support hell… don’t freaking buy an HBA with a server! Don’t REUSE cards you have laying around if they were sourced from any server manufacturer or different brand SAN.

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