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Thoughts on Certifications (aka I passed my CCNP DataCenter)

CCNP Datacenter

6 required exams. 21 days.

I didn’t make a large hoopla when I passed my CCNP Datacenter and CCNA Datacenter last week. I’ve always wanted to be Cisco certified. Though, I always felt anything but CCIE was sort of bunk. (still do, though I have met MANY incapable CCIE) I’m no smarter today. I’m no better of an engineer today. The only thing I know better today, is where a few documents are. I’ve been using the Nexus product line since the 5010’s first came out a few years ago. I play with 5548s in customer environments from time to time, same with 6248 FIs.

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Do not buy your FC HBAs from your server manufacturer!

A tale of debugging and tech support hell… don’t freaking buy an HBA with a server! Don’t REUSE cards you have laying around if they were sourced from any server manufacturer or different brand SAN.

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Extending an existing LUN w/ Oracle ASM (on NetApp)

Below is a step by step of how I was able to resize an existing pun and ASM disk to a new size.

Oracle recommends for ONLINE disk group space increase to actually create a NEW LUN, and add it to the existing disk group. There have been a few bugs w/ ASM recognizing. If you do wan’t to attempt the resize method, you can attempt the instructions below on a test system. Things like this are why I typically recommend NFS. No partitions, no filesystems, none of the issues.

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Scripted NetApp LUN Creation + Oracle ASM addition

I am constantly in new customer environments, setting up NetApp, Oracle RAC & ASM, NetApp SnapDrive, SnapManager for Oracle, etc on Linux…

While I know what I am doing in regards to storage and Oracle, most customers do not have a single point man (or woman) who knows all of these technologies and is the administrator to do day to day operations of them all. Also, when I have tried to teach the teams to do this, or if the DBA is in charge of all of these steps in a small environment, they typically get very confused when thinking about the relationship of the /dev/sd* and the multipath /dev/mapper/360* entries.

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