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A look at Netapp’s NDMP Cloud Extension Software (NCE)

Hey, you got a small Netapp? Hey, ya wanna do some backups to Amazon S3 or a compatible object storage system (aka Netapp StorageGrid Webscale)? NCE is for you!

The official blurb on it:

NDMP Cloud Extension Software (NCE) is a host-based utility that transfers data between Data ONTAP® storage systems and the Amazon® Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) cloud. You can transfer data to Amazon S3 by using the ndmpcopy command. The ndmpcopy command is executed from a Linux host, which communicates with the storage system to transfer data to Amazon S3. Data transfer is supported at the volume, qtree, directory, or file level.

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NDMPCOPY on NetApp 8.2.x Cluster Mode

So, I have a customer who I need to move 3 “boot from iscsi san” luns from a Netapp OnTap 8.2 Cluster Mode vServer shared with regular iscsi luns, to their own dedicated vserver. How do you easily move between vservers? NDMPCOPY!

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