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NDMPCOPY on NetApp 8.2.x Cluster Mode

So, I have a customer who I need to move 3 “boot from iscsi san” luns from a Netapp OnTap 8.2 Cluster Mode vServer shared with regular iscsi luns, to their own dedicated vserver. How do you easily move between vservers? NDMPCOPY!

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Quick n Dirty Netapp LUN creation script

I am constantly having to pre-create or migrate massive amounts of LUNs in customer environments. I have many ways to go about it, powershell, ruby, but my awk script is my #1 way to do it

Imagine having to make luns for dozens of database instances on multiple hosts for dev/prod/qa. Suckage!

They all would follow a certain order and naming convention. Most of the sizes would be the same.

If I have to do anything once, I’ll probably have to do it again. So, script it! This will work in any shell with awk (osx/linux/solaris/CygWin)

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Extending an existing LUN w/ Oracle ASM (on NetApp)

Below is a step by step of how I was able to resize an existing pun and ASM disk to a new size.

Oracle recommends for ONLINE disk group space increase to actually create a NEW LUN, and add it to the existing disk group. There have been a few bugs w/ ASM recognizing. If you do wan’t to attempt the resize method, you can attempt the instructions below on a test system. Things like this are why I typically recommend NFS. No partitions, no filesystems, none of the issues.

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