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Filesystem Misalignment for dummies


Me: “How many SAN IO Calls would you need to make to get File 1 for the Misaligned storage?”
Customer: 5
Me: “What about aligned?”
Customer: 2
Me: “What about File 2?”
Customer: 7
Me: “What about aligned?”
Customer: 2
Me: “How many tiny files, and fragments do you have on your fileservers?”
Customer: “Millions…”
Me: “Wouldn’t you like to save 2-4x or more IO calls and cache?”
Customer: “We love you, have our babies!”

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Some cool Riverbed Upgrades and Additions

Gnomes on Redbull

When ever I hear of new products and features, I put the statement through the paces to see if it’s total BS, or something worthwhile. This morning, an email caught my eye. Riverbed made their announcement of upgrades and product line additions.

I love what Riverbed can do for their customers. I won’t lie. No product is perfect, but It’s just been too damn useful for think bad about anything of it. And when they bough CACE, and turned Wireshark into something even better, and that Riverbed Pilot is like Wireshark on crack with some redbull-fed gnomes for historical analytics… well I am even happier with the offerings.

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Wish I went to DEFCON :(

Well another DEFCON is done.  I couldn’t make it this year due to work, finances, and life.  I miss all my DC buddies, especially my great friend @SecEvangelism!

You can’t look back, only forward.  My main reason for going to DEFCON, besides hanging with people I know online and rarely see in real life, is the lock picking village.  I truly enjoy teaching there (in a totally unofficial capacity).  Just hanging out in the air conditioning, picks in hand, fresh batches of new people all the time to talk to!

I did end up finding myself in the DEFCON20 Documentary for a few seconds.  I really wish they would have put more of an emphasis into the LPV in the movie.  It is a huge piece of DEFCON, where everybody who enters sees a little bit of applicable security (or lack their of) in their daily lifes.

Heck, I even had the documentary crew filming next to me when i was teaching some of the kids how to get out of handcuffs!


[caption id="attachment_390" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Me teaching lockpicking and how to escape handcuffs![/caption]

I hope to see all my security friends soon!  Maybe out here in NYC or DC sometime!




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Ghost in the machine… I found it!

Doing an intensive 3-day NetApp & VMware healthcheck for a customer, and I found the “Ghost in the Machine”.

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Thoughts on Certifications (aka I passed my CCNP DataCenter)

CCNP Datacenter

6 required exams. 21 days.

I didn’t make a large hoopla when I passed my CCNP Datacenter and CCNA Datacenter last week. I’ve always wanted to be Cisco certified. Though, I always felt anything but CCIE was sort of bunk. (still do, though I have met MANY incapable CCIE) I’m no smarter today. I’m no better of an engineer today. The only thing I know better today, is where a few documents are. I’ve been using the Nexus product line since the 5010’s first came out a few years ago. I play with 5548s in customer environments from time to time, same with 6248 FIs.

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Riverbed Steelhead & Netapp Snapmirror – OMFG Happiness!

Riverbed Steelhead EX

Recently I did a deployment where a great and awesome longtime customer added a new site in Canada. I flew up to Canuckland to install new VMware servers, new Netapp 2240, and a Riverbed Steelhead. There was a partner Riverbed Steelhead here in PA at the customers office. This was a great deployment. Once I got everything worked out and configured, their WAN got a major injection of Honey BooBoos GoGoJuice.

How much faster? Optimization quickly jumped up to 97% WAN reduction and a 23.6X increase in throughput!!!!

743Mb/s LAN throughput, fitting into 55Mb/s WAN bandwidth!!

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Physical datacenter {in}security?

I do LockSport (competitive lock picking) as a hobby. Here is an example of a lock which is deemed “Pick Resistant” in the hands of a novice such as myself.

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Tip #8: Set your damn host timeouts!

I saw a question on LinkedIn on the Netapp group today.

“what is the downtime (in seconds) for a FAS2240 high-availability machine in case one controller fails and the other takes over? ”

My pre-first cup of coffee answer was less on the question, and more on proper upkeep of a system running on a SAN/NAS. Any SAN/NAS. Set your damn timeouts on your hosts!

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