Wish I went to DEFCON :(

Well another DEFCON is done.  I couldn’t make it this year due to work, finances, and life.  I miss all my DC buddies, especially my great friend @SecEvangelism!

You can’t look back, only forward.  My main reason for going to DEFCON, besides hanging with people I know online and rarely see in real life, is the lock picking village.  I truly enjoy teaching there (in a totally unofficial capacity).  Just hanging out in the air conditioning, picks in hand, fresh batches of new people all the time to talk to!

I did end up finding myself in the DEFCON20 Documentary for a few seconds.  I really wish they would have put more of an emphasis into the LPV in the movie.  It is a huge piece of DEFCON, where everybody who enters sees a little bit of applicable security (or lack their of) in their daily lifes.

Heck, I even had the documentary crew filming next to me when i was teaching some of the kids how to get out of handcuffs!


Me teaching lockpicking and how to escape handcuffs!

I hope to see all my security friends soon!  Maybe out here in NYC or DC sometime!




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