Does SSD or Thunderbolt matter? (Re: Laptops)

How much difference does a solid state hard drive or disk array make?

It can save you days or weeks of your life!

Same exact data on 2 Intel I7 MacBook Pros.
Exact sector copies of 400GB data on 500GB drive.
Drive 1: top of line 7200rpm spinning disk. (Actually a hybrid)
Full Encryption: 23.5 hours.

Drive 2: stock apple SSD (solid state disk).
Full encryption: 44 minutes!

What about USB vs Thunderbolt…

Using a 7200rpm laptop drive in a Seagate GoFlex enclosure with modular plugs…
USB2 transfer rate: 36MB/sec
Thunderbolt: 94MB/sec!
I was a quite a bit shocked by this…

Though, the speed comes with a price:
USB2 cord and module was $20
Thunderbolt sled:  $99 + Thunderbolt cable: $50 = $149
If you have to do backups of large amounts of data from your laptop or desktop to external hd, thunderbolt will save you plenty of time to make up the difference.

If you have a business, I still would recommend buying a good SAN and archival solution from me though 🙂  (I am a certified engineer for a VAR that sells NetApp, EMC, HP, Hitachi, NexSan, Nimble, and many other data/virtualization/backup solutions)


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