Words of Wisdom: Goal Setting

Do not set your goals so low that there is no struggle or sacrifice. Goals needing no effort are just ‘todo’ list items. If you fail, learn from it. If someone says you can’t do it, cast them out, otherwise you’ll start thinking that too.

Years ago, one of my goals were to get a certain certification. Every year would pass, and it felt like I would never do it, I simply didn’t have the time, or felt I couldn’t. I didn’t make the time. Last year I picked up about a dozen certs, all harder than the one I wanted years ago. This year, a dozen more. It is no longer a ‘goal’ to me, since I know it would take no effort. Now, I have bigger goals.

Years ago, I wanted to have one of my photos win an award. I didn’t think I was good enough. Then, I submitted some. I failed miserably. I almost did not enter one last year. But I would not let the discouragement hold me back. Last year, I got an award. This year, I do not need to. It wouldn’t have been a goal, since I knew I would do it again. I have bigger goals planned.

When I was just starting my career, one of my goals was to have a million dollars in the bank by age 30. I was on track. Then the reality of life set in, and the .com bubble burst. For years, my goal was to be at $0, and out of debt.  I learned it’s ok to adjust your goals as you grow wiser. Money as a goal is stupid, especially if you were a giant arrogant asshole like I was. My biggest and hardest goal every day is to try to be a better person than who I used to be.

Without goals, we have no direction.

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