Tip #2: Simplify creating NetApp luns/mounts with snapdrive (unix/linux)

We have all worked with Bob. Bob never stops with the requests. “I want more storage, I want this, I want that, I want my own server, I want you to do it now”. Bob is too dumb to know how to do it himself.

Bob gets what he wants just because managers can’t fire him since he has blackmail pictures of the CEO, and that he holds the passwords to alot of the systems, so they just give him a server to shut him up. But, the requests are never ending.

What do you do about Bob and his constant requests for more luns? Let him make them himself. No one really will care if Bob messes something up on his own server. That’s all on him, not you.

Make a volume for him (we will call it /vol/bobsoracle_oh), dedupe, thin provision it, and set it to a FlexShare priority of very low. He thinks he is getting more than he really is, and let him add all the luns in it he wants. And, his bad code won’t hurt any of your stuff.

With snapdrive, Bob is free to make as many luns as he wants, and have them automatically be created on the filer, mapped, scanned on the host, formatted, and added to the system automagically.

Setup snapdrive on his server, limit what his account can do, bam, no more requests from Bob.
All he has to do is a command like this:

He has a shiny new 5gb mount.

Snapdrive is not just for Bob. It can make your life much easier too.

What else can it do? Well let’s look at the syntax options

What if I want to see all the snapshots for a volume on this box?

Awesome. I can see the snaps, without having to ssh. I can delete them, create them, anything I want all from the host I have storage presented to. I could even take a snap from above, and automatically lun or flexclone it and present it up to the server I am on.

Totally kicks ass!

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