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Extending an existing LUN w/ Oracle ASM (on NetApp)

Below is a step by step of how I was able to resize an existing pun and ASM disk to a new size.

Oracle recommends for ONLINE disk group space increase to actually create a NEW LUN, and add it to the existing disk group. There have been a few bugs w/ ASM recognizing. If you do wan’t to attempt the resize method, you can attempt the instructions below on a test system. Things like this are why I typically recommend NFS. No partitions, no filesystems, none of the issues.

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Scripted NetApp LUN Creation + Oracle ASM addition

I am constantly in new customer environments, setting up NetApp, Oracle RAC & ASM, NetApp SnapDrive, SnapManager for Oracle, etc on Linux…

While I know what I am doing in regards to storage and Oracle, most customers do not have a single point man (or woman) who knows all of these technologies and is the administrator to do day to day operations of them all. Also, when I have tried to teach the teams to do this, or if the DBA is in charge of all of these steps in a small environment, they typically get very confused when thinking about the relationship of the /dev/sd* and the multipath /dev/mapper/360* entries.

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Tip #4: Graphing Performance data from NetApp w/ Powershell – Part 1

Your NetApp DFM (OnCommand Core) Performance Advisor is lying to you… It doesn’t want to. And it doesn’t mean to. But it is. This was an issue that a customer came to me with yesterday.

If you asked your NetApp or DFM, “Hey dude, what’s my CPU utilization?” DFM may reply back, “Ohh man, you’re screwed, it’s 95%!” You instantly crap yourself since you just paid big money for all this stuff, which should last for years. Don’t worry, more than likely you’re good. Let’s take a look at why is it lying to you?

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Tip #2: Simplify creating NetApp luns/mounts with snapdrive (unix/linux)

NetApp’s snapdrive utility can help simplify out workflow, and reduce the amount of requests we get from the “Bob’s” of the world. This shows how you can do things like creating, presenting, formatting and mounting luns from your NetApp all with 1 command from the host!

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Tip #1: Monitoring SnapMirror relationships with PowerShell

Working in IT can be like war, we are in the trenches, issues all around. Problems jump up and attack without you even noticing. We must keep a watchful eye on all areas of our environment, and attack issues, before they get us!

In my first installment, I want to show a simple way to get the highest lag time of all your NetApp Snapmirror relationships, with Powershell. This is useful for anyone running Orion, WhatsUpGold, Nagios, or any other monitoring tool which can call out to scripts and remote hosts for custom checks.

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