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Migrating From a UCS FI6248 to Mini 6324

I have the luxury of working for the most awesomest storage and Cisco VAR in the world, as their Principal Technologist. We have a few different groups of engineers. Our networking team staked claim on the existing UCS and FI6248 Fabric Interconnects that we have in our lab for break/fix testing.

This meant that our demo and test VMware environment needed a new home. We really didn’t NEED another full set of big daddy FI’s in the lab, and the big boss didn’t want to buy another full set of FI6248s. We simply need a test environment for me to give classes with, that’ll support up to 600 VMs. A UCS Mini was perfect. This is how I got passed the hurdle of migrating the configuration from a FI6248 to FI6324.

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