#STBY Cisco Clock Issue – 18month life failure

Cisco announced that a clock module in certain products may have a failure after 18months.  This one is big, and this one is bad!

This isn’t the first component failure a manufacturer has seen, and won’t be the last.  Props to Cisco for providing notification, product replacement and triage on this without difficulty.

Partial list of systems with issues (ordered by my own priority of which I think will hit my customers the worst)


  • ASA 5506, ASA 5506W, ASA 5506H, ASA 5508, and ASA 5516 <—- ahh crap!  
  • Meraki MS350, MB84
  • Nexus 9000 Series N9K-C9504-FM-E/N9K-C9508-FM-E/N9K-X9732C-EX
  • Cisco ISA3000
  • SR4331, ISR4321, ISR4351 and UCS-E120 



To all those effected, #SucksToBeYou!   Hopefully this won’t be a painful swapout.

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