Seeing all your alerts? Netapp Event Management System and You.

If your mail relay (re: Exchange) requires you whitelist the IP AND SENDER  email of your nodes, you may have a big problem.

You may not be getting all the emails your Netapp Cluster Mode system is trying to send to you in case of issues.

Huh? What? Yeah. Let me explain.

Netapp has what they call the EMS (Event Management System).  Think of it sort of like syslog on a *NIX system.  When something happens, it does something, and logs it.

The problem is, it has its own mailhost and FROM: address.


You will see the Mail Server as localhost, but this will passthrough to the MX record of the destination.  The Mail From: is the real kick in the butt on some environments were both IP AND FROM are whitelisted.

A customer recently had an issue doe to this on a new install last night.

Here we can see a sample message (truncated a little), that their exchange server sent rejecting the EMS email because the FROM: address wasn’t whitelisted.

So, What can you do to fix it?  Force a valid whitelisted entry.




Also, you can set multiple TO email addresses based on the critical level of the issue.

I hope this helps someone out.   Tweet at me if you have any questions.

p.s. If you have a totally open relay, you don’t really ever have to worry about this, but you have other security issues to worry about.


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