Storage Field Day 8 – Here I come! #SFD8

SFD-Logo2-150x150It is a great honor that I get to announce today! The awesome crew at Tech Field Day have invited me back for another round for Storage Field Day 8! A special thanks to Stephen @SFoskett for the consideration once again, and “delegate wrangler” Claire for making sure everything runs smoothly.

It is an amazing experience being able to sit with great minds of the storage industry, listening to and talking about the future of the storage market.

I will be joined by a few Delegates which I have met before:

  • Dan Frith     @PenguinPunk
  • Enrico Signoretti     @ESignoretti
  • Jon Klaus     @JonKlaus
  • Ray Lucchesi     @RayLucchesi
  • Scott D. Lowe     @OtherScottLowe

As well as having the pleasure of meeting many other new faces in person:

  • The ever famous Howard Marks     @DeepStorageNet
  • Mark May     @CincyStorage
  • Alex Galbraith     @AlexGalbraith
  • Vipin V.K.     @VipinVK111

If you do not follow this mindshare of bit bucket madness, you certainly should.  Every day is a new chance to learn something interesting.

I anxiously await hearing from the presenters about “What’s Next?!?”  Ideas which may not come to fruition this year, or next, but will change how we think about everything.

We hear rumors in the industry of 3D XPoint, Shingled Magnetic Recorders (SMR), and many other technologies.  How are the storage visionaries planning to utilize future technologies?  Who is setting a path ahead to get there first and use it best?63623325

Stay tuned…



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