Convert Netapp body.7z to old style ASUP for ConfigAdvisor offline

I made a little script last year to help me with a customer issue, and I had forgotten about it until I ran into the same problem.

The script converts the extracted TXT and XML files from the autosupport mail body.7z into the old format for use with Config Advisor.

But wait, Config Advisor doesn’t handle Cluster Mode systems with offline file imports. EXACTLY! It’s annoying, but if you just want to do a check on cabling or disk firmware versions, or see a config when a customer sends you an autosupport email with a body.7z in it, this will help you out!

If you have never heard of Config Advisor, it is a handy tool which you can have scan your Netapps to check if there are any cabling, disk, or software version issues. It’s not the end all be all, but for a super duper quick scan, it’s pretty darn useful.

It is supposed to just be for Netapp Partner and Employee use, so if you are not a PartnerPloyee, cover your eyes as you read the rest of this.


For this, you’ll need a real Terminal shell with bash and perl.  Linux, OSX will “just work”.  Windows users, get Cygwin. If you don’t ready use Cygwin, you need to use Cygwin.

Here is the asupsections.txt


Open up Config Advisor, select 7-mode (Yes I know this is a cluster mode system…), then select “Autosupport (from File)”.




Repeat this process for the other controller in the HA pair if you choose.  Then click Collect Data. And Select the name it chooses.





BOOM!!! Done!





Awwwww yeah.  I just saved you so much time in life.  Now, go take a break.


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