Post-Insight Wrap-up, Storage Security, and other thoughts!

It’s been a super busy month for JK-47, having just come back from Netapp Insight, TechFieldDay Extra, giving a #vBrownBag Storage Security Lighting Talk, and now getting dozens of customers ready for end of year DR tests and new purchases. This time of year I tend to meet with 10-15 customers a week making sure everything is going smoothly, and also looking over their storage with healthchecks of the past years’ data.

I also spent some time talking to NetApp’s Tech ONTAP Podcast.  The topic of interest was Storage Security, which I have a great passion for.  Listen here:

This week on the podcast, we discuss security in storage systems with the new security TME Andrae Middleton and NetApp A-Team member Jarett Kulm (@JK47theweapon) of High Availability, Inc. We cover security at rest, in-flight, methodologies, ransomware and much more! 

Netapp Insight Wrapup: 

This was by far the most exciting Netapp Insight to date!  I don’t mean the customer appreciation party. It’s vegas everywhere is a party.   I mean the technology.

The Data Fabric message was clear:  It’s your data damn it, OWN IT!  No matter where it is, no matter the cloud!  Take control of it!  Know where it is. Know how to move it.  Know how to govern it!

Netapp pushed out amazing things like FlexGroup, new platform (A300/A700 Flash arrays, FAS2650, FAS8200 and FAS9000), and what I was most excited about Netapp Volume Encryption (NVE)!

The ever personable Dave Hitz (founder of Netapp and author of “How to Castrate a Bull”) introduced one of the big wigs (Bill Vass, VP of Engineering from AWS) from Amazon talking about how tight the partnership is with Netapp.  Especially so since you can use the Amazon Snowball to seed an AltaVault.  You can use AltaVault to ingest snapmirrors and upload to S3.  You can run AltaVault in EC2.  You can DirectConnect up to 10gb links to Equinix and have your EC2 VMs run from storage YOU own!  You can run a Cloud Ontap up to 368TB between 2 regions in AWS for data protection!  This is awesome!  

Other Notable sessions:

  • Netapp Docker Volume Plugin:    If you think in Devops, Docker, Openstack, etc, Netapp is the storage you want to talk about!  It’s also a clever video. 
  • FlexGroups:  
  • ONTAP Fabric Pools – Automatic FAS/AFF Tiering to colder storage like Amazon S3/StorageGrid in file lifecycle (Coming Soon as in 2017…maybe. ):     — I have had multiple customers asking about functionality like this, even to today.  

FAS to Local backup to cloud, encrypted and automagically!

I also had a chance to speak very very candidly with the Ontap Select team.  Ok, I went JK-47 on them.  I basically ranted about everything I wanted them to turn this product into.  This is the replacement for Edge.  This is a VM version of ONTAP9.  It can run as single node (up to 100TB), or 4-node in an HA cluster (up to 200TB).   I see so many possibilities of using this, so I want it to be absolutely perfect!  So many times have I been in situations where this could have been useful.  Hopefully they take my feedback and passion about how great this could be, and run with it.

Check out the great sessions we heard about at Tech Field Day Extra @ NetappInsight!  Pay particular close attention to John Fullbright’s session.  He is a (not so) hidden gem within NetApp in all things Cloudy!

Tech Field Day Podcast Roundtables
Featuring: Stephen Foskett
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Digital Transformation and Cloud First
Featuring: Gabriel Chapman


p.s. my 3, d, and e keys on my laptop are broken. If Apple would release their new MBP soon that would be great…

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