Quick Powershell: Creating cDot vServer templates in my lab.

I needed to create ALOT of vservers in my lab based off of engineer phone extensions.

Engineers have 3 digit extensions, 123 for example. All engineers have extensions between 192-254 so this works as a lazy mans tool.

They get network vlans for their own use of 1230-1239. They are locked into 10.###.[0-9].0/24 for their network segments, so each engineer has plenty of network addresses to play with.

Im basically pre-injecting gateways and datastores into their network for the non-storage engineers.
They get vservers (SVM) on ###8 and ###9, with IPs 10.XXX.8.232 and 10.XXX.9.232.

So, this is my very quick, very ugly, powershell to do it.

It gets some SVM settings (which aggr the root vol is in) from an existing svm called “svm_lab_infra”.

I may or may not update this for iscsi, fc, and other junk. Or as a full svm cloner.

Also, many of these commandlets had no good examples searchable online, so I am helping this helps.


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