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Thoughts on Certifications (aka I passed my CCNP DataCenter)

CCNP Datacenter

6 required exams. 21 days.

I didn’t make a large hoopla when I passed my CCNP Datacenter and CCNA Datacenter last week. I’ve always wanted to be Cisco certified. Though, I always felt anything but CCIE was sort of bunk. (still do, though I have met MANY incapable CCIE) I’m no smarter today. I’m no better of an engineer today. The only thing I know better today, is where a few documents are. I’ve been using the Nexus product line since the 5010’s first came out a few years ago. I play with 5548s in customer environments from time to time, same with 6248 FIs.

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Riverbed Steelhead & Netapp Snapmirror – OMFG Happiness!

Riverbed Steelhead EX

Recently I did a deployment where a great and awesome longtime customer added a new site in Canada. I flew up to Canuckland to install new VMware servers, new Netapp 2240, and a Riverbed Steelhead. There was a partner Riverbed Steelhead here in PA at the customers office. This was a great deployment. Once I got everything worked out and configured, their WAN got a major injection of Honey BooBoos GoGoJuice.

How much faster? Optimization quickly jumped up to 97% WAN reduction and a 23.6X increase in throughput!!!!

743Mb/s LAN throughput, fitting into 55Mb/s WAN bandwidth!!

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Physical datacenter {in}security?

I do LockSport (competitive lock picking) as a hobby. Here is an example of a lock which is deemed “Pick Resistant” in the hands of a novice such as myself.

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Real dedupe/cost savings results from a Riverbed WhiteWater

I just wanted to share a cool bit of information about what one of our Riverbed Whitewater customers is getting as backup to disk and automatic redundancy to “the cloud”. This customer is using Backup Exec 2012, with the Whitewater appliance as a backup datastore.

This customer is storing 66.7 TB of stored data in 4TB of physical and cloud space and will be saving more than $7,000/month with cloud backups because of it!

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Tip #5: Graphing performance data from Netapp – IN 3D!

I figured it was time to share some of the information I have posted before with graphing with powershell and also more advanced…

In the past, I had used 3D modeling in the Stats package R, to do 3D modeling of the CPU on a san. This is how!

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“The Internet is for porn… How high heels and fishnet have driven internet innovation and information security”

This is a presentation I gave with Chris from @SecEvangelism, at H.O.P.E 9, in NYC July 13 2012.

A dark and seedy journey to explain the real driver behind internet innovation, porn. How an economy built on the ultimate satisfaction just a click away has driven technological advances. Racy browsing habits involving our innermost secrets, vulnerable parties and criminal syndicates have driven malicious code and subsequent security advances. Broad ranging censorship involving much more than pornography has been the end result in attempts to reign in such “unhealthy” habits by good intentioned governments and organizations. Join us through the timeline of pornography on the internet, related security threats, an overview of industry economics (legal and ≈ illegal) and related censorship.

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